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Flippin' Math

Flippin’ Math, created by Tammy Reeves, is a platform dedicated to making math education less daunting and more enjoyable. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Tammy has developed a unique approach to teaching math that sets her apart from the rest.

Flippin’ Math offers a variety of services and resources to help students succeed in math class. Tammy’s background in music education and her experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels, from elementary to high school, make her an ideal choice for math education needs.

Flippin’ Math encourages students, parents, and teachers to explore its library of resources, which includes standard-aligned games and differentiation activities. For updates, consider subscribing to Flippin’ Math and follow them on social media. Experience the joy of learning math with Flippin’ Math.



ThinkSquare, founded by Andrew Lorimer-Derham, is revolutionizing maths education. This Australian platform transforms maths into an engaging, enjoyable experience with captivating teacher development, student workshops, and interactive games. Praised by educators like Eddie Woo, ThinkSquare’s innovative resources inspire confidence in students and facilitate high-impact teaching. Subscribe to ThinkSquare to access Lorimer-Derham’s amazing games and join the movement changing the narrative around maths education.

MMMath Mania

MMMathMania, a platform dedicated to making maths engaging and fun, offers free math games for elementary school students. This Canadian-based website, created by a group of elementary educators from Edmonton, Alberta, provides low-prep or no-prep games that are easy to differentiate for various learners.

MMMathMania’s primary goal is to build confidence in teaching and learning maths and alleviate “math anxiety.” Their hands-on, games-based approach helps children deepen their number sense, making maths a more enjoyable subject.

For fun game ideas and updates, sign up for their newsletter and follow MMMathMania on Facebook. Experience the joy of learning maths through play with MMMathMania.





Play Formula offers an engaging game that blends the thrill of card games like “Uno” with the intellectual challenge of creating mathematical functions. Designed with middle and high school students in mind, the game provides a fun and interactive way for students to get comfortable with writing equations. It transforms learning math into an exciting game, making it an excellent resource for students to enhance their mathematical skills while having fun. Dive into the world of, where math class meets game night!



Number Hive

NumberHive helps kids practice their times tables in  a fun and interactive game. Designed to help students understand and enjoy math, NumberHive is perfect for learners of all ages. The game is also available as a mobile app, allowing students to learn and play on the go. By integrating mulltiplication into the competitive task of getting 4 in a row, NumberHive is a LOT more fun than flashcards! You can find printables and other resources, too, at Go check ’em out, and see what the buzz is about!


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