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Every year, math teachers give you a load of “math-bricks”. Ideally, those blocks haves the potential to build steps that allow you to rise above life’s obstacles. 

Miss a few steps along the way? It might end up looking more like a brick wall.

Ready to tear down the wall?? 

Tutoring. Personalized.

Your kid’s not one in a million. . . they’re one of a kind! A person’s unique interests, talents and challenges, mindset and personality all influence how (and how easily) they learn. 

There are thousands of online tutoring companies offering to pile on more math-bricks.
See real results with a certified, practicing high school math teacher that can pinpoint the struggles and help rebuild a strong math foundation.

Flippin’Math was created in 2017, but I’ve been teaching and tutoring math since 2013. The goal is to help individuals close gaps, make connections, and grow confident in their math abilities. 

Member Benefits

We offer 3-month credit-based membership plans that provide 25-38% off the cost of individually priced sessions.

For maximum benefit, I recommend selecting a plan based on how often you’d like to meet. The current plans include 1 hour (4-credits), 2 hours (8-credits) or 4 hours (16-credits).

Credits may be booked as half hour or hour, but sessions may be extended when needed and if schedule allows it. Additional credits available for purchase at a reduced rate offered only to members. 

All plans can be canceled once the initial 3-month term is complete. Unused credits roll over month-to-month during the term of your membership, and expire 2 months after termination of membership.


Just by signing up, you’ll get at least 20% off the cost of tutoring.
Need an extra session? Want to book a study session with a few of your classmates? Do it for less when you’re a member!

Hassle-free billing

Members set up autopay, and all that’s left is to schedule a session! 
After 3 months, you can continue as long as you need, or email and ask to cancel. It’s that easy! 

First access to resources & Updates

As the business & website grow, our goal is to create links and resources that can help parents, students, and teachers in mastering high school math. Members will be given the heads up when new materials “drop”. 

Choose Your PLAN

With tutoring, consistency is key. 

We offer 3-month credit-based membership plans that provide 25-38% off the cost of individually priced sessions.


All plans include the following benefits: 
Credit-based membership
Transparent pricing. 

Non-member pricing


1 Hour
(4 Credits)

$ 20/credit

4-Credit Plan


1 Hour/month
(4 Credits)

$ 15/credit

25% Discount

8-Credit Plan


2 Hour/month
(8 Credits)

$15 /credit

25% Discount

16-credit plan


 4 Hour/month
(16 Credits)


30% Discount

What Our customers say

"News flash! My son made an A in Accelerated Geometry! Your sessions with him helped tremendously! Thank you again!"

D.M. - Satisfied Mom

Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.