math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.


Your kid’s math homework shouldn’t scare you. Or them.
Math can be a beautiful thing, once you learn to ‘speak its language’.
Whether catching up from a rough couple years, or looking to excel to
academic greatness, find the resources & help to succeed in math class.

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I'm Tammy Reeves. And I love math.

I’ve been teaching since 2004. I grew up a chorus kid, got my Bachelors of Music Education, and in 2013, I received a Masters in the Arts of Teaching in Mathematics. I see the world and math through a creative lens.

I’ve taught standard-aligned games to elementary kids, an afterschool STEM program with middle school kids, and have taught all skill levels for nearly all high school math courses, both general and special education.

Why choose Flippin' Math?

15 Years in the classroom

Since 2004, I've had the opportunity to teach likely over 1,000 students. Along the way, I studied the standards from Kindergarten up through Calculus. I've worked with several groups for developing curricula and received IMPACT training through the Silicon Valley Math Institute for two years.

Taught All Ages

My early days in the math classroom, I studied elementary standards and provided hands-on manipulatives and games for learners to gain confidence and fluency. I taught a STEM afterschool program for Middle Schoolers, and have taught the past decade teaching nearly all high school math courses.

Special Ed. Certified

In 2018, I became certified to teach Math Special Education. I had resource and collaborative classes, as well as general education courses for Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry. I am familiar with IEPs and accommodations, as well as strategies to help these learners.

Academic Coaching

Unlike drop-in tutors who focus solely on the math content, I get to know my students, their strengths and weaknesses, and help improve their confidence in math. We'll discuss good study habits, and I encourage students to reflect on their progress, goals, and how best to meet them.

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Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.