Forehead Math

Objective: Players will determine the value of their unknown number, given the sum, difference, or product of their own unknown number and the number of the other player.

Materials: Standard deck of cards. A-10. (A=1)

To begin: Each player draws a card from the deck without looking and places it against their forehead, facing out. Each player knows that the opponent’s card is, but not their own.

Teacher or facilitator says, “Together, your _____ is ______”, such as “together, your sum is 13. Players calculate what their own number is. First to correctly guess their own card wins the round.

For scoring, you can either divide the class into two teams, and the winner from each round gives a point to their team, OR, if evenly matched, one player could stay in the game until beaten, with other players working to take their spot. To play at home, take turns being the person to be the facilitator so everyone has a chance to play

Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.