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  • Additional surprise bonuses

*The Reeeves was created originally as “The Reeeebs”, a nickname I sometimes call myself. I updated it. . . to make it less weird. 

The resource library idea came about because I wanted a single place to house all my favorites. I have paid for many amazing resources, which couldn’t be added due to copyright. In the original library, I have linked back to the original content creator so you can easily purchase paid content if you’re interested. In order to house my complete collection, I decided to create a second library, a copy of the first but with the link to the resource for which I personally had purchased a license. Obviously, I can’t share this library, unless everyone with access has a license for every paid file I add to my own personal library, from here til eternity. 

In order to integrate my own private link library, I created a new membership level and named it “The Reeeebs”. True, it was originally created as a selfish way to integrate content restrictions and only allow me access to my super secret library, and I priced it high to dissuade people from joining. To my surprise, I have had several early-adapting beautiful humans to join as Reeeeves level members. In gratitude for their trust and belief in my flippin’ endeavors, I have many things in the works to provide as much value as possible and earn your patronage. As a Reeeeves member, your library will have 2 search engines. The one up top is the super secret, although it currently houses the exact same links as the basic. In time, I’ll send confirmation of licensing as paid elements get added! I’m working with content creation to make sure I have their permission, and to purchase licenses.


I’m currently looking into non-profit organizations that accept charitable donations in order to pay it forward and invest back into the community. I will be taking suggestions for organizations who you’d like your money to support! 

  • In addition to premium perks, get access to a private Discord server and a weekly group Q&A. Bigger discounts, extending to tutoring services.
    The Reeeeves level membership is now available to the public. Along with other discounts and perks, you'll get paid licensing for anything I ever add to the library. Forever.
    Get access to all Flippin' Math downloadable resources, 10% off merch.
    Access to the free resources and discounts on tutoring.
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