The Mission

What's the FLIP?

Math gets a bad wrap. For all its usefulness, it’s the subject that people are most likely to bad-mouth.

Here at flippin math, we want to flip that script. 

To the 21st Century student, tech isn’t just relevant. It’s an integral part of how they interact with their world. 

That’s why the “flipped” classroom is a useful strategy for students and teachers alike. 

Videos and class notes let kids learn at their own pace, freeing up time in class for more interesting exploration.


And getting help has never been more convenient, thanks to online tutoring.

We aim:
     – to help students know what things they’re expected to know,
     – to provide resources, like flipped lessons & notes to help learn the things,
     – to direct traffic to our favorite free sites for practice, and 
     – to help students learn how to learn independently!

Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.