The Mission

Math education
is a beast.

For everyone involved.

The mission of flippin’ math is to make life easier for everyone involved in the education process. This website is meant to be a resource for teachers and students alike.

We aim to take the guesswork out of high school math. 

It's a tough job.

For everyone involved!

If you are an educator, or are friends with one, you know it’s true. We teachers really have 3 full-time jobs. There’s the obvious class-time, when we inspire and connect with kids. But that’s just one piece. Before class, we’ve spent hours finding, creating, and curating the assignments. After class, we reflect and analyze the assessments we’ve given. We grade papers, we think of things to do to help the ones who just don’t get it, or are bored to tears.

And you students, bless you. Our educational system needs a make-over. The ship is being steered into uncharted global opportunities. Teachers are learning along with you what the job market of tomorrow will require. And if we can’t somehow make it mean something to you, math just piles on top of another irrelevant assignments needed to scrape by.

Really. It’s almost too much sometimes. 


Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.