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Helping your kid master high school math is important. So is your time.

Cancel the commute! Online tutoring offers high-quality personalized support, delivered  to your couch — or anywhere with wifi!

Make the commitment to a confident, successful year in high school math. Currently booking for summer and fall 2020: 

Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Statistics, Precalculus & Calculus.

Choose Your PLAN


8 credits

Provides 2 hours of tutoring: 
– weekly 30-minute sessions


You save $10!

12 credits

Provides 3 hours of tutoring:
– weekly 45-minute sessions


You save $40!


16 credits 

Provides 4 hours of tutoring:
–  weekly 60-minute sessions


You save $70!
  • Weekly tutoring
  • Full access to all site resources
  • Ask about group sessions: study with pals and save!
  • 20% discount on all products*
  • Earn credits thru referrals!
Consistency beats intensity. By becoming a subscribing member, you’re committing to a consistent tutoring schedule, making it easier to achieve your goals. And you’ll save money!
Additionally, you’ll gain full access to course resources for extra help, as well as a 20% discount on all site purchases. 

How it works

In order to provide flexibility, 1 credit = 15 minutes of tutoring time.
These can be used to schedule 30-, 45-, or 60-minute sessions, but may also be used to purchase additional resources or services.
The base price is $20/credit, but this cost can be drastically reduced by subscribing for a monthly tutoring package. 
For best results, efforts will be made to commit to a certain time weekly, but we’ll be flexible to make it work with your schedule needs.

How To Get Started

Use the form below to reach out. We’ll set up a time for a phone call or zoom meeting to get set up!
Math doesn't have to be so flippin' hard.