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Take the guesswork out of High School math.

In time, this will serve as a library of video lessons and online resource links to help students master the content for each high school math course. Currently, efforts are being focused on Geometry and Algebra 2. Hopefully, the first semester of both will be available by the time Fall comes around. (Reach out! Hold me accountable!)

A * indicates that the lesson is done. (A lot of others LOOK done, but it’s an illuuuuusion. Gotta update those links!)
            Newly available: 
                    * Unit 6: Applications of Probability 

It’s a work in progress! Come back often to see what’s been updated.
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Algebra 1

1) Relationships between Quantities
2) Reasoning with Linear Equations & Inequalities
3) Modeling & Analyzing Quadratic Functions
4) Modeling & Analyzing Exponential Functions
5) Comparing & Contrasting Functions
6) Describing Data


1) Transformations in the Plane
2A) Congruence & Proofs
2B) Similarity & Proofs
3) Right Triangle Trigonometry 4A) Circles
4B) Volume & 3-D Figures
5A) Geometric & Algebraic Connections 
5B) Geometric Ratios & Design
6) Applications of Probability (*)

Algebra 2

1A) Extending the Number System
1B) Quadratics (Revisited)
2A) Operations with Polynomials
2B) Creating & Manipulating Functions
3) Polynomial Functions
4A) Rational Functions
4B) Radical Functions
5) Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
6) Mathematical Modeling
7) Inference & Conclusions from Data

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